Meet our Drivers

We have amazing drivers at Westwood Primary that work tirelessly each day to ensure that our students arrive safely to school in the morning and home in the afternoon!

Elric MacDonald – Bus #7

Norman Frizzell – Bus #9

Brian Clark – Bus #10

Stephen Phillips – Bus #18

Karl MacDonald – Bus#33

Darlene MacDonald – Bus #37

Ben Gendron – Bus #38

Lindsay MacNevin – Bus#44

Gordon Farrar – Bus #49

Jamie Smith – Bus#72

Jane Aten – Bus #73

Kenneth MacWilliams – Bus #92

Donnie MacFadyen – Bus #105

Virginia MacDonald – Bus #148

Shemla MacIsaac – Bus #171

Kevin Gillis – Bus #166

Kent Lannan – Bus #195

Rick Champion – Bus #621

Route Information:

If you are unsure of your pick up/drop off time and location, please visit:

Public Schools Branch School Bus Stop Search

Bus Safety

Each September, the Vice Principal, visits each classroom to review bus safety with all students.  The golden rules at Westwood are:

  1. Seat to Seat and Back to Back – Children are reminded that their bottoms must be on the seat at all times.  As well, their backs must be on the back of the seat at all times.
  2. Voice Level 1 and 2 –  At Westwood, we use a voice level scale (see below).  The expected levels for voices on the bus are Level 1 (silent) and Level 2 (whisper).  With up to 60 children on a bus, you can imagine how quickly the noise level on the bus can become a distraction to our drivers.
  3. Obey the Driver – At Westwood, we expect that our students listen and follow any instructions from the driver during the bus ride without hesitation.  When they are disembarking at the school (or at home), they can take the opportunity to have a conversation with the driver and or Principal/Vice Principal.  While the vehicle is in motion, however, our students are expected to calmly and quickly follow the directions.

Child Restraints

If your child is under 40lbs, it is the law that they must use the child restraint system on the bus.  These are built into the seats and consist of a 5 point harness similar to what you would have on a car seat.  Kindergarten children will be weighed in the first few days of school.  If they are under 40lbs, parents will be contacted and the students will practice buckling and be unbuckling on the bus with the Vice Principal.  Once they are able to do this independently, they will be expected to wear their child restraint to and from school.  For safety reasons, we want all children to be able to do this independently.  Our bus drivers are not allowed to buckle or unbuckle our students.