The Breakfast Program at Westwood Primary runs every morning beginning at 8:05.  Volunteering for the program will take about forty-five minutes to an hour of your time in the morning (8:00 – 9:00 a.m. or so).  We appreciate the volunteer efforts of parents, grandparents, and community members in keeping this wonderful program going.  Our Breakfast Program Coordinator is Terra Doucette.

Kindergarten students who wish to participate in the program are able to get a breakfast snack in their classrooms at 8:20.  Juice, dry cereal, and apple slices are available.  Grades 1-3 students who wish to participate in the program are welcome to come to the breakfast program room between 8:10 and 8:25 where they can sit and eat toast (with margarine or jam) juice or milk and fruit (apples, oranges, blueberries etc).  We also serve frozen yogurt tubes or cheese strings several times a week.  Children who arrive at school between 8:25 and 8:30 are welcome to come to the breakfast room and take their snack back to their class.

Our breakfast program is inclusive and a great way for many of our students to start the day.  With long bus rides and busy mornings, many students are hungry by the time they arrive at school.  Our program serves between 300-400 students daily.  The success of the breakfast program is, in large part, dependent on donations.  Our Breakfast program is partially funded by President’s Choice Children Charities, the government of PEI and several local community groups.  These generous donations, however, do not always cover the costs.  For this reason, we always welcome donations of cereal (Plain Cheerios or Shreddies), jam, apple/ orange juice from our school families.  As well, we accept monetary donations to keep this important program growing.  

Please contact Lynette MacKinnon at the school if you have some time to give to the Breakfast Program.  Donations may be dropped off at the office!  Thanks!!

The counselors at Westwood are here to provide confidential support to students, families, and teachers. Westwood has two counsellors:

Contact Information:
Mr. Mike Sirois (full -time)
Ms. Cindy Wood (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Telephone: (902) 368-6855

The School Counsellors provide:
Individual Student and Small Group Counselling and classroom visits on the follow topics:

Self-esteem, Family changes, Divorce, Death, Relationships, Difficult Situations, Bullying, Confidence, Classroom Expectations, Peer Relationships, Personal Safety, Anger Management, Making Friends, Fairness, Responsibility, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, Caring and Kindness and Respectfulness.

Parental Support includes: Triple P Parenting Program, Referral Services and/or information to Outside Agencies such as: Family Ties, Income Support & Housing, Victim Services, Richmond Centre, Food Bank, Child Protective Services, Catholic Family Services, Summer Camps, Addiction Services, Public Health, Medical appointments and follow up case conferences. Counsellors attend case conferences as requested by the school administration or parent.

Teacher/School Support: Counsellors attend in academic intervention meetings, respond to school crisis or emergency situations, Zones of Regulation, Triple P Parenting, CARE Kit (Personal Safety Kit for students in Grade 1, 2, and 3), Breakfast Program, Lunch Program, Christmas Family Support, Academic Assessment: KTEA 3, Classroom Observations, and aid in interpreting psychoeducational assessment reports.


Westwood Primary’s Music Program

The Westwood Music Program is an integrated Orff Approach to Music education. It is a holistic process offering students experiences in singing, speaking, movement, drama, instrument playing, literacy, and creativity. Students experience – discover – and show understanding by using what they have learned in creative new ways.

Music Adventures is an extracurricular enrichment opportunity for music students in grades 2 and 3. Each adventure is based on a theme and incorporates singing, moving, instrument playing, and drama. Students commit to rehearsals at small playtime time on day 1, and at big play time on day 3 and day 5. The Music Adventures last approximately 4 to 6 weeks ending with a performance for the students at our school and for members of our Westwood community. To visit Westwood’s Music Teacher’s Blog please click here.


Westwood is the home of the training site for the Department of Education’s Reading Recovery program.  Here, teachers representing elementary schools from across the Island, meet for training sessions throughout the year. They are trained and led by teacher leaders Lorna Ansems and Jeannine Tremblay.  As a result of their intensive training, Reading Recovery teachers learn to be reflective thinkers and astute observers of children. They become skilled at taking the learner from what she/he knows to the problem-solving strategies necessary for making sense of written material.  During the year, teachers work one-to-one with at least four, six-year-old students to provide support in reading and writing. Candidates are identified after a specific identification survey has been administered. Each student is given 30 minutes of one-to-one daily instruction, which is supplementary to the regular classroom program. The length of the program is usually 12 to 20 weeks.

Our English Reading Recovery Teachers for the 2017-2018 year are Christa Schurman, Wanda Naylor, and Allyson Sanderson.  Our IPLE (French Reading Recovery) teachers are Wanda Curry and Carolyn Tessier-Weeks.


The Physical Education Program for grades K-3 is taught by Jacki Ross and Helene Moore. The main objectives are active living, skillful movement, and relationships. Outcomes within these objectives are in the areas of fitness, loco motor movement, non-loco motor movement, manipulative skills, movement variables, rhythmical movement, and relationships.

The students learn to be active and to have fun in a safe environment while developing healthy life-long movement skills. Emphasis is placed on practicing fair play, good sports behavior, cooperation, participation, and listening. The students are evaluated and reports are sent home three times per year, in addition to the parent teacher interviews.

The children are taught in the gymnasium or outside for 30-minute classes either 3 or 4 times in a 6 Day Cycle. On the alternate days, they have music. The program is active, inclusive and comprehensive. Physical Education class is enthusiastically enjoyed by all students. The content of the classes includes teaching through: gymnastics, fitness activities, tagging games, yoga & dance, and teaching games that use net and wall, striking and fielding, territorial and target skills. Various equipment is utilized; such as hoops, ropes, scooter boards, bean bags, deck rings, and balls. These activities enhance the cardiovascular system, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility through a variety of movements, skills, tactics and strategies.

“Physical literacy is described as the ability and motivation to capitalize on our movement potential to make a significant contribution to our quality of life.” Our goal at Westwood Primary is for all students to be physically literate as they participate in physical activity with confidence and competence.

The year is filled with many exciting school activities and celebrations for the students to participate in, which include: Terry Fox School Run, Fall frolic, Speed Stacking Day, Dance Day, Breakout Game , Guinness World Record for National Speed Stacks, Olympic/Canada Games Day, Reindeer Games, June Sports Day.

The students in Grades 2 and 3 participate in recess intramurals, as well as fun n’ fitness and, yoga orientated activities.

Grade 3 student opportunities include:

Extracurricular Activities:  These happens either Early Morning or After School throughout the whole year, with activities always changing. (see newsletters for current activities)

Leadership group: The group of Gr. 3 volunteers take equipment out at recess times for all the children to play with, monitor the hill during sledding season and in the Spring assist in refereeing intramurals and leading group games.

The grade 3 students also have the opportunity to attend a Prince Edward Island School Athletic Association events: the cross country running meets for Zones & Provincials in October. The Grade 3’s may also participate in the Friendship Gymnastics Showcase in February and  the Annual Sports Fair.

We are most grateful to have the full support of our parents, teachers, administration staff and Ms. Sherry Flynn, the principal.

Jacki Ross & Helene Moore, Westwood Phys Ed Instructors