WOW Awards for May – Honesty


The following students were awarded WOWs for demonstarting honesty and always telling the truth (even when it was hard) during the month of May. 

KA- Joshua Abbis, Cecilia Martinez, Addison Ramsay, and Carter Weeks

KB- Jamie Sun

KD- Joseph Hardy

KF- Casey MacEachern and Hudson Marshall

KG- Alexander Proude and James Proude

KH- Sam Birt

KI- Kinley Beaton and Eva MacDonald

KJ- Savannah Gagnon, Felix Gibbons and Audrey Hughes

1A- Daniel Kowaleski

1B – Dallin Cutler and Lucas MacQuarrie

1C- Cohan Cudmore and Jasmine Dunn

1D- Dawn Paul

1E- Kaiden Davis and Levi Wilmot

1F- Elyse MacQuarrie

1G- Milo Patterson and Layla Peconi

1H- Alex MacKenzie

2A- Logan Gallant and Payton Gallant

2B- Josie Ashby and Veronica Dorgan

2C- Jesslyn Gorveatt and Cooper Marshall

2E- Kaiden Cormier and Ibrahim Peters

2F- Tahlia Gibbons and Cole Brioux

2G- Benjamin Pearson

2H- Liam Brosha and Will Creighton

3A- Cole Callaghan and Amelia MacQuarrie

3B- Briar Docherty and William Levesque

3C- Lola Johnston and Freddy Schurman

3D- Hayden Croken and Emma Kowaleski

3E- Owen Arsenault, Ella Brodersen, Ryan Evans and Sage Fanning

3F- Chloe Courtney , Cohen Fraser and Seth Thibeau