WOW Assemblies

Last week, we held our first WOW (Westwood’s Outstanding Workers) awards assembly to celebrate all the hard work our students put into our “Responsibility” theme.  The following students were awarded WOW certificates:

KA – Mya Beaton

KB – Lilian Zhang

KD – Joseph Hardy

KF – Gemma Kirkpatrick

KG – Nolan Dowling

KH – Emma Leard

KI – Lily Brosha

KJ – Tanner Burke/Felix Gibbons

1A – Danny Gu /Charlotte Myron

1B – Othneil Mighty/Malia Younker

1C – Sydney Baltzer/Kohen Handrahan

1D – Lily J/MacKenzie Thibeau

1E – Kate Coade /Ryder Stewart

1F – Bridget Elsinga

1G – Sullie Stretch

1H – Hannah Jack/Molly Mitchell

2A – Janessa Harding/Chase Storey

2B – Josie Ashby/Kayla Mills

2C – Drew Doucette/Quinn West

2E – Ashlyn Sanderson/Harry Waugh

2F -Zach Kirby/Isaac Morse/Rebecca Wilson

2G -Lucy MacArthur/Samuel Puiia-MacDonald

2H -Darcie Flick/Addison Perry

3A -Peyton Peters/Ben Phillips

3B- Payon Matthews/Lilly Power

3C – Daisy Doucette/Noah Rogers

3D -Anna Kenny/Coral Rattray/Ashley Wilson

3E – Jackson Cameron/Samantha Corney

3F- Jovie Foreman/Damon Neilsen

3G – Dylan Gallant/Brooke MacLean

Congratulations to all of our WOW recipients.  We are very proud of all of your hardwork.