Westwood Assemblies!

Today we held our first assemblies for both Kindergarten/Grade 1 and Grade 2/3.  Each month, we will be holding assemblies to celebrate the work we have done as a school community on an assigned character trait of the month.  Each month, our classes will take turns to present songs, skits or stories about the chosen character trait.  As well, today we announced our new Westwood’s Outstanding Workers (WOW) Award.   This award will recognize students for outstanding behaviour/work in the theme area we are focusing on for the month.  One or two students, from each grade, will be selected each month and presented with a certificate.   

This month the area of focus is RESPONSIBILITY.  Teachers, students and staff will be working on taking responsibility for our self and our things and committing to “do what we say we are going to do”.  

Here is a list of upcoming themes and months.

Character Theme                                      

  • Responsibility –  September
  • Gratitude –  October
  • Courage –  November
  • Empathy –  December
  • Perseverance –  January
  • Kindness – February
  • Respect  – March            
  • Fairness –  April
  • Honesty/Trustworthiness – May    
  • Optimism/Celebration  – June

For the remainder of September, we would appreciate your help in supporting this theme at home as well.  Giving children little responsibilities is a great way to create good habits and routines for the school year!