Parent Information (please read)

Dear Parents & Guardians,
Thank you very much for your support and patience with the drop off and pick up. We realize that there was quite a wait due to the larger than normal volume of traffic. It is our hope in the coming days that more students choose to travel on the school bus. This will help to alleviate the long wait times for drop off and pick up. If you are choosing to have your child ride the school bus, reminder that your child must wear a mask.

I also want to draw people’s attention to the PSB Bus Planner. A number of families may have updated their afterschool plans on the Bus Planner but Westwood Primary does not receive that particular update at the school level. It updates the information at the School Branch Transportation Department.
It is VERY important that you telephone the school and update any afterschool plans. Especially if they have changed since last year (students in grades 1-3) so that we can update the information at the school and get students on their correct bus.

During after school pick up it is important that parents remain in their cars until your car pulls up along the front sidewalk. A staff person will get your child and bring your child to the car. It is not safe to get out of your vehicle at any other time (E.g. inside the barrier area or roadway into the school).

For students who are walking, parents can meet their child at the stop sign at the end of the sidewalk on the front lawn of the school.

Parents are not permitted at ANY TIME in the bus lot area. If you are arriving unexpectedly you must phone the school and/or contact a staff person on the sidewalk area who will radio staff in the bus area to get your child off the bus and bring them to you.

It is important to note; for safety and supervision purposes, all students in a class walk with their teacher through the bus area dropping off the students to their buses before proceeding to the student pick up area at the front of the school.
Until staff and students get use to their after school plans, delays can be expected with buses and pick up.

Please call the school if you have any questions or information you wish to update.

Thanks again for a great first day back!

Westwood Primary School

Wild Child Forest After School Program

Wild Child Forest Afterschool Program at Westwood!

Wild Child is a program designed to connect kids to nature through outdoor play! Something our kids need now, more than ever. This year, Wild Child is offering a Thursday Afterschool program at Westwood School (Hyde Park)! What do we do at Wild Child? We explore the woods, learn to tie knots, play games, learn to use tools like saws and hammers, exchange books with Sammy the Squirrel, climb trees, create bug motels, learn bird calls, build forts, muck around in small streams, jump in puddles, open ‘mud kitchens’, and PLAY outside in all weather (rain or shine)!

The program will run once a week from afterschool to 5pm from September 17th to October 19th. Bursaries are available! Contact or 902-940-2263 for more information! Or register online here: