Attitude of Gratitude

For the month of October, we will be working on the theme of “Gratitude” with all of our students.  Here are some resources that parents can use at home to discuss this with their children:

Gratitude Attitude Song

Gratitude Presentation


WOW Assemblies

Last week, we held our first WOW (Westwood’s Outstanding Workers) awards assembly to celebrate all the hard work our students put into our “Responsibility” theme.  The following students were awarded WOW certificates:

KA – Mya Beaton

KB – Lilian Zhang

KD – Joseph Hardy

KF – Gemma Kirkpatrick

KG – Nolan Dowling

KH – Emma Leard

KI – Lily Brosha

KJ – Tanner Burke/Felix Gibbons

1A – Danny Gu /Charlotte Myron

1B – Othneil Mighty/Malia Younker

1C – Sydney Baltzer/Kohen Handrahan

1D – Lily J/MacKenzie Thibeau

1E – Kate Coade /Ryder Stewart

1F – Bridget Elsinga

1G – Sullie Stretch

1H – Hannah Jack/Molly Mitchell

2A – Janessa Harding/Chase Storey

2B – Josie Ashby/Kayla Mills

2C – Drew Doucette/Quinn West

2E – Ashlyn Sanderson/Harry Waugh

2F -Zach Kirby/Isaac Morse/Rebecca Wilson

2G -Lucy MacArthur/Samuel Puiia-MacDonald

2H -Darcie Flick/Addison Perry

3A -Peyton Peters/Ben Phillips

3B- Payon Matthews/Lilly Power

3C – Daisy Doucette/Noah Rogers

3D -Anna Kenny/Coral Rattray/Ashley Wilson

3E – Jackson Cameron/Samantha Corney

3F- Jovie Foreman/Damon Neilsen

3G – Dylan Gallant/Brooke MacLean

Congratulations to all of our WOW recipients.  We are very proud of all of your hardwork.

Fostering Good Relationships – Parent Session

Fostering Good Relationships

When: Thursday September 28, 2017 6:00-7:00 pm

Where: Westwood Primary School Multipurpose Room

Please join Cindy Wood and Mike Sirois, our school counsellors, for a presentation and discussion on the topic of peer conflict in Primary School.

Areas covered:

  • What is bullying?
  • What is not bullying?
  • Types of peer conflict
  • Public School Board Policy
  • Signs that your child is being bullied
  • Signs that your child is a bully
  • What can parents do to help
  • Helping children change his/her behaviour

Westwood Assemblies!

Today we held our first assemblies for both Kindergarten/Grade 1 and Grade 2/3.  Each month, we will be holding assemblies to celebrate the work we have done as a school community on an assigned character trait of the month.  Each month, our classes will take turns to present songs, skits or stories about the chosen character trait.  As well, today we announced our new Westwood’s Outstanding Workers (WOW) Award.   This award will recognize students for outstanding behaviour/work in the theme area we are focusing on for the month.  One or two students, from each grade, will be selected each month and presented with a certificate.   

This month the area of focus is RESPONSIBILITY.  Teachers, students and staff will be working on taking responsibility for our self and our things and committing to “do what we say we are going to do”.  

Here is a list of upcoming themes and months.

Character Theme                                      

  • Responsibility –  September
  • Gratitude –  October
  • Courage –  November
  • Empathy –  December
  • Perseverance –  January
  • Kindness – February
  • Respect  – March            
  • Fairness –  April
  • Honesty/Trustworthiness – May    
  • Optimism/Celebration  – June

For the remainder of September, we would appreciate your help in supporting this theme at home as well.  Giving children little responsibilities is a great way to create good habits and routines for the school year!  


Hot Lunches Update – Extension until Noon Sunday

Dear Families,

It has come to our attention that the Hot Lunch program sent an email reminder to families AFTER the deadline for orders on Friday at 3pm. We will work with Hot Lunches to ensure that this reminder is sent before the deadline in the future. In the meantime, we have opened up the orders for the next two week schedule. This will close tomorrow (SUNDAY) at noon.

If you wish to order milk or lunch items for the rest of September, please ensure that you order and pay before noon tomorrow.

As we have been communicating , we are changing the way we manage our Hot Lunch program to eliminate the debt that the school has been carrying from unpaid orders each year. In June, we ended with $2400 in unpaid accounts. We simply cannot carry that amount of debt each year. We are closing the orders on Fridays to ensure that we give lots of notice to families with unpaid orders that these will be deleted. This gives them ample time to make and send lunches for their children in the coming weeks.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work out the wrinkles in these changes.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!


Information for the FIRST DAY of School

Kindergarten:  Reminder that Kindergarten children will NOT take the bus to school on the first day.  They need to be dropped off at the school at 9:30am.  Staff will greet you in the foyer and direct you to take your child to their new classroom.  Additional staff will be in the Kindergarten classrooms to check contact and bus information.

New Students:  New students to our school can come on the bus or be dropped off before 8:30am.  New students will be directed to the libray where staff members will take them to their new classes.

Returning Students:  Will take their buses as normal and go to their LAST year’s classroom.  Last year’s teachers will take the students to their new classrooms and introduce them to their new teachers.

The Breakfast Program and Hot Lunches will not start until Monday September 18th.  Please ensure you are sending lunches and snacks for the first few weeks of school.