Welcome Back!

Welcome back to all of our students!!

There are a few things that our Westwood Families need to know for the first day…First day Grades 1-3 take the bus to and from school. New Kindergarten students have a later start and must be driven to school but can take the bus home.

PLEASE take the bus to school. We will not be able to offer the same kind of end of day pick up that was offered last year in an Covid elevated risk situation. This year if you are driving your child to and from you MUST park in the tennis court (now additional parking), walk over to the front of the school and wait outside for your child to be dismissed. We cannot have large numbers in our lobby due to physical distancing and gathering guidelines. Reminder we are continuing with covid safety measures all students must wear a mask while traveling on the buses. The Buses are SAFE!

Water fountains will also NOT be open. Students are asked to bring a FILLED water bottle to school EACH DAY.

This year we have a new school administration data system, so to confirm with our present data system we are asking ALL FAMILIES to please send the following information to school with your child on the first day:

Child’s Full Name

After School Destination

Civic Address

Bus # (if known)

Children in Grades 1-3 will start the day by returning to their last year’s class where they will have the opportunity to see their friends and teacher from last year. Their last year’s teacher will then take them to their new class for this year.

As in past years, student arrival time can begin NO EARLIER than 8:05 am. Dismissal time is 2:30pm.

Again to help alleviate any traffic congestion please have your children take the bus.

Also the school bus entrance cannot be blocked by traffic at any time.

Thank you and we are all very excited to see you all on Tuesday! Westwood Primary School

Kindergarten Information for 1st Day

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Welcome to Westwood Primary School! Some important information for the first day of school:

Kindergarten students should not take the bus on the first day. We ask you to please drop off your Kindergarten child(ren) on the first day according to the information below:

English Program

Last name A-M Drop off time is 9:15 – 9:30 am

Last name N-Z Drop off time is 9:30 – 9:45 am

French Immersion Program

Last name A-L Drop off time is 9:45 – 10:00 am

Last name M-Z Drop off time is 10:00 – 10:15 am

Drop off Procedure:

PLEASE arrive for your assigned time ONLY, we cannot accommodate people at other times due to COVID restrictions. Park in the bus parking lot at the front of the school and come into the school using the front door.Proceed to the gym (follow the signs) and maintain social distancing while you are in the school.

Students and adults are asked to wear a mask while transitions through the school.Due to COVID gathering guidelines, only one adult and the Kindergarten student are permitted in the school on the first day.

When you arrive in the gym, please proceed to a table to give your child’s name. Staff will tell you what class your child is in and staff will take your child to their class. They will verify your child’s after school destination with you as well as your child’s emergency contacts.

Parents are not permitted to take their child to class. Parents can exit the school using the side door by the gym (exit will be clearly marked).

Please note: If you or your child are exhibiting any COVID symptoms, please do not come to school.

Feedback request

The Standing Committee on Education and Economic Growth is conducting a public consultation on the topic of discrimination, harassment and bullying in PEI public schools. The committee is interested in hearing from students, parents, teachers and any concerned individuals on the topics of safety, bullying, harassment and discrimination. Please note that the deadline for feedback is September 10, 2021.

You can find more information on the consultation and how to provide feedback at https://www.assembly.pe.ca/consultation-on-safety-harassment-and-discrimination-in-the-school-system